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Aria Resort & Casino - "Heaven on Earth"

Aria Resort View from 16th Floor

Aria Resort & Casino Review 2014 

The best words to explain the luxurious Aria Resort & Casino in the heart of Las Vegas City Centre would be,"Heaven on Earth".

My first experience being dropped off in front of the majestic hotel is the attention to detail, showcasing an architectural glass foyer with a waterfall cascading down its sleek dark granite walls, giving you this immediate calming effect. Professional employees are ready to assist, making your stay comfortable.

Months before going to Las Vegas, we always check out all our options,making sure our stay is the most enjoyable possible. Aria Resort and Casino wasn't any different.  We asked for a couple of "Special Requests" which I noticed they offered on their website.

This was their reply:

Dear Mr. Demers,

Thank you for your most recent email. We are delighted to confirm your reservation for an arrival __________ for 5 evenings and to inform you that our Supervisor has approved the 2 options you are requesting, the Express Check-in option and the Late Check-out option...

Should you choose to secure any gourmet dinner reservations at Jean Georges Steakhouse or Javiers to name a few or maybe a show reservation such as Zarkana, Love or “O” prior to your arrival please feel free to contact our Concierge at and they will be happy to assist you. We look very forward to welcoming you as guests
of ARIA Resort and Casino and trust you will enjoy your stay.

Kindest regards,

SarahRose Gilsdorf
Wholesale Coordinator

T 702.590.9728
F 702.590.9723

Without any hesitation, we were pleased with their response and already felt welcomed, months before our arrival.

We counted down the days to our first visit to ARIA Resort. Exciting!

Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Checking In 

Upon arriving at the Express Check-in we were cheerfully greeted by a young man in his twenties.  Skillfully he quickly attended to our requests.  Needless to say, check-in was seamless.

I must of looked hesitate, because he looked concerned and pleasantly said," Was there anything else we can assist you with Sir?"

I said,"No, not now, thank you."

But actually I was sort of concerned with our room being on the 16th floor, but I opted to check out the room before I said anything. I always feel uncomfortable if I have to barter for another room, if the room isn't what I hope for.

Even though the long walk from the elevators was concerning, the room was exactly what I expected. Entering our room, the remote control entrance automatically summoned the sheers to open, revealing the beautiful tropical courtyard below featuring an array of inviting pools.

Courtyard Pool at Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

To our surprise, the courtyard pool view from our room was gratefully granted.

King-size Bed Room Suite at Aria Resort Las Vegas

Further investigation, we quickly noticed our requested deluxe King-size bed. Each room comes with the added features of the touch screen control Pad or accessing the Flat screen TV featuring remote sheer curtains, wake-up control, room service, music options, lighting and temperature control along with watching TV.

The washroom facilities were also acceptable to our standards with its glass cased rain-shower and deep bathtub displaying all the towels anyone would ever need.

At first we had to hunt down where the security safe was, thinking it would be in the closet, like most hotels we have visited in Vegas. It was funny to notice inside the left closet to the immediate entrance, there was a small signage stating the location of the safe. It so happen to be inside the side-draw of our bed. Interesting spot for a safe, but it worked and that's all that really mattered. 

I'm figuring most guests were either calling about where the safe was or opening the same closet doors before us, for them to have signage directing us to the right place.   Or maybe they just thought of this ahead.   Whatever the case, the signage was a good call.

The Pool Courtyard scene at Sunrise at Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

The room on the 16th floor was like "Home Away from Home" featuring all the comforts one would expect in a AAA Five Diamond Resort.

My only suggestion, if you have trouble walking (health concerns) or need to be close to an elevator, I would suggest the 25 floor and above.

Heading out to explore the vast ARIA Resort, we were greeted by the maid staff with a courtesy smile, along with allowing us "First" access along the hallways. A very nice "extra" chester incorporated by management, I'm thinking.

The Second Floor of Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas - the "Promenade"

My first couple of hours after check-in I decided to treat myself to a couple of beer at the "Lobby Bar" , while my wife decided to do some gambling. I was quickly greeted by a friendly bartender who suggested Aria's flagship "Cabaletta" draft beer, a homemade brew which turned out to be an excellent choice.

The Cabaletta beer cost $9.00 per glass.

During our stay at Aria, "The Buffet" was deemed to be our best choice offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Buffet is located on the second floor called the "Promenade".

Decorative Architectural Foyer beside "The Buffet" at Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

For breakfast we had the usual options of bacon,ham,sausages, scrambled eggs and hash-browns. To our delightful surprise, they offered freshly made eggs Benedict and omelettes of your choice. Each buffet always displayed fresh seafood, such as crab, eat and peel shrimp, baked salmon, clams and mussels.

The desserts we're all "dream-like" with your taste-buds captivating every bite. Being a "chocoholic", my desiring fix was granted.

Lunch and Dinner offered Prime Rib, roasted chicken, Bavarian assorted sausages with accompanied condiments.  Each displayed a Mexican, Asian, Tandoori, or an Italian flare along with New York style Pizza to suit any worldly guest.

Seafood at "The Buffet" Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

The pricing of the buffets:

Breakfast: [Monday - Friday] $19.95 per person (7:00am - 11:00am)

Lunch: [Monday - Friday] $23.99 per person (11:00am - 3:30pm)

Brunch: [Saturday and Sunday] $29.99 per person (7:00am - 3:30pm)

Dinner : [Monday - Thursday] $34.99 per person (3:30pm - 10:00pm)

Gourmet Dinner : [Friday - Sunday] $39.99 per person (3:30pm -

One day we had the breakfast, other days the lunch or dinner buffets, including the brunch on Saturday and the Gourmet Dinner on Friday.  Each time we weren't disappointed by the fine food selections at "The Buffet".

Throughout our stay at Aria Resort and Casino, we had a few "comp" credits by using our "MyVegas Rewards" which I highly recommend.  Most of our buffets didn't cost us a dime due to using our rewards.

The Convention Centre at Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas - Second Floor

Exploring Aria Resort and Casino was certainly a must on our list, locating the grand Convention Centre with easy access to a Business Office, the decorative Zarkana Cirque du Soleil Theatre, the fitness centre and Spa, including my favourite, the pool courtyard.

All the above are also located on the "Promenade", second floor of the Aria hotel.

The Oasis Pool Courtyard at Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas - "Heaven on Earth"

The vast courtyard with each pool nestled in between a tropical garden landscape could be described like walking through your very own Eden.

In short, it's paradise!

Beautiful pools throughout the Courtyard at Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

The service was impeccable starting with friendly greetings by security whom we soon became friends, during our many visits to the pool. From the bartenders, the bikini bar maids to the front staff offering you towels, they were all professional and courtesy.

Jean Phillips Patisserie Restaurant - Halloween Display - The Witch  

Each day coming out from the guest elevators we either past by or went into Jean Philippe Patisserie restaurant. This time of the year you can see Halloween displays, like the well crafted witch.

One night we decided to enjoy a pizza at Five50 Pizza Bar, ordering out a full "Gotham" (pepperoni, sausage, salami, mozzarella and Grana Padano) pizza pie. We ordered the $28 pizza to go because we wanted to relax in our room.

The pizza was simply delicious!

The ARIA is a upscale lavish Resort with an array of fine dining opportunities to choose from.

This particular visit we didn't have a chance to try out Jean Georges Steakhouse or Javiers, but we noticed passing by each restaurant, they were certainly filled on a daily basis. My suggestion would be to make reservations ahead to avoid any disappointment.

Being in Vegas, you always want to get most of your stay, so late evenings were just another typical day.

This particular evening, I tried out "In Room Dining" and wasn't disappointed by the great service from the time I phoned to when the meal was brought up to our room. It was just a "Classic Burger" but it was one of the best burgers I had in a long time. 

Excellent service!

Zarkana at Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

On our last Friday evening in Vegas we made plans to see Zarkana by Cirque du Soleil. Once again, we weren't disappointed by the experienced performers keeping us entertained throughout.

If you haven't seen Cirque du Soleil, it's a must on your list!

Zarkana Entrance at Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

Depending on your budget Vegas has a hotel to suit your lifestyle and taste. ARIA luxury comes with a discerning price tag but you are sure to leave well pampered, excellent gourmet choices along with high standards of commitment by the ARIA team.

"Heaven on Earth" at Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

Our overall stay at ARIA Resort was a relaxing and rewarding trip. I highly recommend Aria Resort and Casino for your next stay in Vegas, experiencing "Heaven on Earth".

By Bari Demers

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Casino Level Map of Aria Resort & Casino

Second Floor - Promenade Level at Aria Resort & Casino

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Gold Lounge at Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
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