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The Dreadful Day You Have to Leave Vegas

Hey Vegas Lovers !

It’s Tuesday and already the middle of February 2020.  Today I’m thinking, dreaming and planning our next adventure in Las Vegas.  As a Vegas #writer I thought to write a couple of topics today, that I’m sure everyone of our Vegas Lovers group have experienced in one way or another.

Let’s get started :

Topic One :  The Day You Have to Leave Vegas 

Your last day in Vegas before heading home is indeed a sad day, in fact you may even say it sucks big time - lol. I truly hate our last day in Vegas, simply because you know it’s not long before you have to head to the McCareen International Airport,  checking in for another gruelling trip home.  In today’s world we must arrive two hours before your flight, hanging around...completely bored.  Most of us try our last try at the airports slot machines, just in case. As of matter of fact, you would be surprised how many visitors win at the McCareen Airport.  It may not be much, but sometimes a winner hits the mother-load.  It’s the last glimmer of hope before the inevitable reality of heading home.

There’s a wide range of tourists, from the hungover frat-boys/girls to the middle-aged crowd who forgot their drinking limits, paying for their misjudgment. Then there’s the ones who came to Vegas thinking they were heading home with buckets of money ; instead leaving penniless and quite upset with the knowledge the Vegas odds are always in the house’s favour.  Others are completely worn out due to the misbelieve they can go sleepless during their three day stay.

On top of these stereotypes, there’s the HighRoller, like my friend, who either boasts of their winnings or for some unknown ( well..we know) they’re not saying a word - lol. Experienced gamblers have their ups and downs, while Vegas weeds out the wanna-a-bees - I’m sure you’ve heard the Spice girl lyrics :

Spice Girls
Ha ha ha ha ha
Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want
So tell me what you want, what you really, really want
I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want
So tell me what you want, what you really, really want
I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha)
I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah.”

Yup ! That’s the one - lol.

Unfortunately, if you’re arrogant or too sure of yourself playing poker, Vegas will throw you a learning curve, wishing you listened to your buddies.  ‘Professional Poker Players’ eagerly wait to pounce on the unsuspecting, like sharks in a murky ocean wave.

Then there’s us, the more experienced Vegas Lovers who played Vegas within their limits,  but are just plain sad our vaca ( vacation ) is finished this time around.

For me, I’m already planning for my next trip back to Vegas, jotting down the restaurants I won’t come back to and those I loved, including pubs, the awesome entertainment and tours Im sure to try again. However, it’s always a heavy-hearted day leaving Vegas. Only one time, I was ready for home.  We had such a great deal, we stayed for seven days. After seven days, we ran out of money and became tired of the eating-out routine.  All our winnings were completed. So, our eighth day felt just about right.

We find, any day shorter then four days, it’s too short of a stay in Vegas Wonderland.  As far as the amount of times in Vegas, I believe we have averaged hundreds of times in Vegas since 1980’s. I’m sure it would be more if we weren’t so far away.  Each time we go to Vegas it has averaged $3500 -$4500 per vaca. I know it’s doesn’t sound like much to our rich  friends, who spend on the average of $25,000 during their stay. Just consider us Vaca-Poor-Folk - lol.

I know a few American friends who spend just one night in Vegas - Go Figure ?!

That’s not enough time to do anything in Vegas. On that note, Vegas can become overwhelming to the newcomers, not realizing how busy Vegas really is. There’s no way you can experience everything in one holiday event. Nope. Vegas takes “little-bite morsels” of FUN times, along with seeing the north or south side of the Vegas Strip, not to mention the off-the-Strip experience.

That’s Vegas !

INTERMISSION TIME - get something to eat, have a coffee and we’ll see you back for Topic Two.

Topic Two - Difference in Vegas Lover Groups 

My next topic surrounds the difference in Vegas Lovers . There are the nice  YOUTUBERS and the YOUTUBERS who are just looking for your money, feeding you their tested experience in Vegas.

I enjoy the nice VEGAS YOUTUBERS :

This group of Vegas Lovers are the free-style friendly ones who don’t care of your age or group. They are on top of their YouTube feed, making sure they respond to your enquires or likes and are deeply appreciative of those that follow them.

Then there’s the Not-so-Nice YOUTUBERS :

This group of YOUTUBERS don’t care if you mention them and only respond to their posts if they want to, or you’re in their age group. They are out for your money, because they’re too lazy to find a real job. These type feed off you for hand-outs, expecting if you want your questions or posts answered, you must join their “Patron” gifting program. It’s only then they’ll even recognize their fans. Personally they are annoying and pretty much arrogant.

So, to recap. IF you are a YOUTUBER there’s Youtube etiquette that you should follow, no matter how many followers you get. Of course, it’s overwhelming when you hit 150,000 followers. However, each and every follower requires your individual attention.  That’s your job as a YOUTUBER.

Today, I like to introduce to my Vegas Followers a nice YOUTUBER - please meet Michelle and Dave of : We Work to Visit Vegas

The two are fun, free-style hosts of Las Vegas who showcase their daily vaca days in a Vegas. The ups and downs, the minute-to-minute ( with intermission editing) of their daily experiences in Las Vegas. I enjoy the fact, they’re down-to-earth couple who are indeed Vegas Lovers, like ourselves. They have even organized 2 Vegas Summits ( a Vegas Summit is where WE [Vegas Lovers] meet for drinks socially at a specific safe spot in Vegas, opened to the rest of the public ). Their last meeting was at the  beerhaus las vegas in-between New York, New York, Las Vegas and The Park, MGM.  Just a FUN get together for everyone to share their fun times in Vegas.

See their YouTube site here - as of January 2020 

Here’s them talking about planning for their next Vegas Summit III  in around Sept 13, 2020 (Sunday)  :

IF you’re interested, we too are planning to go to this event. Perfect time to meet the writers of Vegas, the Vegas Lovers and the hosts of the Vegas Lovers Youtuber Group.

If you can, join us - it’s sure to be a FUN evening.

I’ll keep you posted, simply be the times may or may not change.  It may work for you, it may not.

Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to “We Work To Visit Vegas” - they are remarkable genuine friendly folks - hosts Dave and Michelle:

In Conclusion: 

As most of our Vegas Lovers know, I’m a writer and screenwriter and not so much a YouTube developer.  I rather write of my experiences and it’s my belief some of you may actually read about it. It’s a fast-pace life out there, so it’s always good to bury yourself in a good book sometimes.

I know it’s old school, but it’s good to put down your electronics to keep your sanity. Don’t forget to read my posts on my Vegas Websites too. Let me know if there’s anything you like me to write about in Vegas.

I hope your week is going well ! Congratulations! If you read my whole blog post.

As always -  I will see YOU in Vegas and don’t forget to “Put-on-your-Vegas-Face

Cheers 🍻

Vegas Reviews ( Aka Vegas Lovers Group )

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Monday, September 23, 2019

The Park Las Vegas - info for Vegas Lovers

#AutumnEquinox  September 23 2019 

Happy First Day of Fall Vegas Lovers ! 

My photo today is a close-up of the many cacti at The Park,Las Vegas , as said by MGM International, “ Explore The Park, an immersive outdoor dining and entertainment district...” And I say,” ..with beautiful floral, cool waterfall and just a wonderful place to enjoy the architectural creativity along with a desert garden backdrop.  It’s a great place to relax, enjoy the various food and drink options by the adjoining restaurants and take a breather from the hustle and bustle...” 

The Park outdoor and entertainment district was officially opened on April 4 2016.  As stated by Jim Murren, Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International, said, "Today's consumer wants to sample, to experience, to discover – it's no longer about visiting one resort and staying there. With this in mind, we've created a neighbourhood environment that invites our guests to explore many of our resorts on the Strip's west side, collecting experiences along the way, with The Park serving as a central gathering space for people to relax, dine and be entertained."  

Main Features of The Park 

THE BLISS : Without a doubt it’s hard not to notice “The Bliss” a 40-foot-tall sculpture designed by artist Marco Cochrane.  In the evening it lights up with a blissful array of colours. 

T-MOBILE ARENA:  Home of the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team of Las Vegas, plus featured events with performers and even a backstage tour.  It’s debut was on April 6, 2016.  The quick fact page showcases an architectural wonder. See more...

 T Moblie Arena Las Vegas


The restaurants and pubs are pretty amazing, featuring :
  1. Beerhaus 
  2. Bruxie 
  3. California Pizza Kitchen 
  4. Sake Rok
  5. Shake Shack 
  6. Hello Kitty Cafe
  7. Eataly


A 5200 seat entertainment centre featuring artists, such as Lady Gaga, Cher and Aerosmith. 

Top-of-the-line theatre featuring: 

  • 140 feet wide stage; one of the widest stages in the world
• 240 feet wide projection surface with projection mapping technology
• Nine HD and 4K Projectors
• 7 Bars and Terraces with views of the Las Vegas Strip and The Park
• 3 Levels: Orchestra, High Orchestra, and Balcony
  • Premium Seating available with bottle service

It is without-a-doubt an architectural achievement by the MARNELL COMPANIES, team of architects, consultants, designers, engineers and sub-contractors, who have a long line of achievements since 1974. Their portfolio is stunning, with projects such as : 
  • Eataly LV is an upscale Italian food market finished in November 2018
  • The Park MGM Resort and Casino, formally Monte Carlo ( finished in December 2018)
  • The Park Theatre which had a time frame of December 2016
  • The M Resort in Henderson, NV, which is the far south point, if you were to continue down the southern Vegas Strip. Completed in March 2009, it features a  “92,000 sq. ft. of casino area, 390 rooms, nine restaurants, five bars, a 23,000 sq. ft. full service salon and spa, 60,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, and a stunning 100,000 square foot entertainment piazza and pool area.” , according to Marnell Companies website
  • It also designed The Aria Resort & Casino Convention Center Expansion

There are so many projects, it’s amazing. Check out their website for more...



Previously Monte Carlo and Casino, Las Vegas, MGM International transformed the older Resort into a brand new refreshing Resort called The Park, Las Vegas. This amazing expansion showcases, the Park Theatre and a new NoMad roof-top pool, total rebuild of the Park MGM Pool, “...expanded meeting rooms and remodel of the casino floor, restaurants, bars, lobby and public spaces.  The exterior of the guestroom tower was also remodeled with new exterior elements and signage. “ pointed out by Marnell Companies. In fact, the old Monte Carlo is totally rebranded ! Another stunning architectural feat for sure. 

The whole transformation is more of a community entertainment centre, full of activities to do for your next vacation in Las Vegas. 

I hope you enjoyed my latest Vegas article and always, I will see YOU in Vegas ! 

Vegas Reviews - an informal group of Vegas Lovers who undoubtedly love to vacation in Las Vegas several times of the year.  Come join in on the fun on our FB Page and check us out on Twitter too. 


Have a wonderful Fall - Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner.

Cheers Bari

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

DID YOU KNOW - Vegas Interesting Facts

Good Afternoon Vegas Lovers !  My new article today is “Did You Know - Las Vegas has some pretty incredible facts. Let’s see if you know of any below.


In 1820’s the Conquering Spaniards so happened to cross Las Vegas, on their way through to California.  Back then it was a lush green oasis flourishing around a snow-fed river and off-shoots of natural streams. The Spaniards decided to name this area, “ Las Vegas”. In Spanish it translate into “The Meadows”.  With an increase of population throughout the valley, the water fed streams soon dried up, as well as a serious drought. It wasn’t long before Las Vegas turned into the desert we know today. 

Of course, we all know, if it wasn’t for Hoover Dam, Vegas could of stayed a desert. But luckily, the engineered marvel created a man-made lake called “Lake Mead”.  It’s this reason water is now available in Las Vegas ; but for how long ? 


The Fountains of Bellagio covers eight acres of a water pool of entertainment. Everyday, the Fountains are kept up by a special group of engineers, who all have their diving certification ; because maintenance of the Fountains requires them to go underwater.  


The Bellagio, Las Vegas was originally built by Steve Wynn, costing an amazing $1.6 billion.  Opening of the Bellagio was on October 15, 1998, with a grand ceremony cost of $88 million. Whoa! Now that’s an expensive party for the invited VIP guests. Funny ? I don’t remember an invitation Mr Steve Wynn ? 

The Bellagio was then sold to MGM Resorts International in 2000 


Luxor, Las Vegas boasts having the “Brightest Beam of Light” on earth,  from the top of its pyramid? The towering light streaming into space can be seen by ISS ( the International Space Station). It also attracts thousands of bats who feed off of flying insects, attracted to the light. You might say it’s a “Full Bat Buffet” delight.  I wonder if Batman makes an appearance? ( kidding) 


The Nellis Dunes, just north of Las Vegas, was tested for the highest levels of arsenic, ever recorded on earth - go figure ! 


On the westside of McCareen International airport, passengers board a secret Boeing 737’s with the only markings of a red band across from cockpit to tail. These 737’s are owned by the US Department of Defence, however a private military contractor ( ACON) operates them. These planes don’t offer tickets to the public, only to a classified group of workers, supposing heading to AREA 51 - a mysterious military compound ( aka : I’m not saying it’s Aliens 👽, but it’s Aliens 👽

Anyone working for the US Department of Defence aren’t allowed to talk about their work or where these planes take them. It’s all hush, hush., but it’s doesn’t take a genius to figure out where they’re going  and what kind of work they do.  The Terminal of departure is only known as “Gold Coast”.  Every morning, at exactly 8:00 am, the group of secret workers head out to an undisclosed destination. 


When you think of City of Las Vegas, we Vegas Lovers always think of the Vegas Strip. Interesting, the Vegas Strip isn’t in Las Vegas at all. In fact, it’s location is in uncorroborated Nevada town, known as “Paradise”.  Las Vegas is divided into four separate counties: 
City of Las Vegas
North Las Vegas

However, to make it even more confusing, the uncorroborated Nevada town,“Paradise” all have Las Vegas mailing addresses. Any outsider would assume, Paradise is Las Vegas, simply because of the mailing address ; but they would be wrong. 


The Stratosphere, Las Vegas originally dreamed and partially owned by Bob Stupak, had a rough beginnings, even before it was built. From fires to financial hardships, poor Bob Stupak couldn’t get a decent break.  Thankfully his poker player friend, Lyle Berman, agreed to help out Bob, by purchasing a 43 percent stake in the hotel enterprise. 

The architects of “The Stratosphere, Las Vegas” (opened in 1996) designed its tower to reach 1800 ft. Unfortunately, due to flight restrictions, it was decided on 1149 ft.( 350 m), finally agreed by city council.  Ground breaking commenced on Nov. 5 1991. 

One year after the grand opening ( VIP Guests only on April 29, 1996) the owners claimed for bankruptcy in January 1997. 

New York billionaire investor, Carl Icahn ( known for his aggressive “hostile takeovers” ) bought The Stratosphere, Las Vegas for a fraction of its cost, ( original cost was $550 million). It’s rumoured Carl bought it for around $350 million, but only Carl and his lawyer’s know for sure. Just one year before the financial crisis of 2008, he decided to sell all his interests in the casino business, which including the Stratosphere, Arizona Charlie's Boulder, Arizona Charlie's Decatur, and Aquarius Casino Resort to Golden Sachs for $1.3 billion 

Originally architectural design slated for two high towers ; due to increasing financial costs the concept for two towers the same height was scrubbed. However the second tower base was topped off and completed for $65 million, which ( according to Las Vegas Sun) “...included 1,002 guest rooms, a 67,000 square-foot swimming pool and recreation area, private cabanas and a coffee shop.” 

Once again in June 2017, The Stratosphere, Las Vegas was purchased by 
Golden Entertainment for $850 million. As of February 1 2019 The Stratosphere, Las Vegas has officially changed its name to “The STRAT Hotel, Casino and SkyPod”. 


The Fountainebleau was originally developed for a $2.8 billion 3,815 room resort ? Breaking ground in 2007, the developers didn’t expect the “Great Economy Crash” in 2008.  Unfortunately they went bankrupt in 2009, and guess who bought the unfinished resort ? Yup ! You guessed it - Carl Icahn . He bought it for a mere $150 million in 2010 ; after eight years of sitting on the property, he finally sold it in August 2018 to Witkoff and Miami real estate firm New Valley for $600 million.  The property is renamed “The Drew” after Witkoff’s son, who unfortunately died from  OxyContin overdose in 2011.  It’s said to feature 4000 rooms on 60 floors with 500,000 square feet of convention space.  It’s scheduled to be opened in late 2020 - read more...

Wouldn’t it be cool if Witkoff received a license from Paramount Pictures to feature the top floor as a “Star Trek Enterprise Ship with a hallow-deck showcasing the most updated lounge and restaurant in Las Vegas ?  Can you just imagine the possibilities?  Then, without-a-doubt, the LVST ( Las Vegas Star Trek Convention) could be held at “The Drew” showcasing celebrities twice a year, instead of the conventional one year at the Rio, Las Vegas.

Maybe Mr Witkoff could make a deal with Paramount Pictures to have all Star Trek events at “The Drew” , including new TV Series and upcoming  movies.  Hopefully Mr Witkoff will read my article and invite me spin the idea to him in Las Vegas. If everyone agrees and the idea is built, just maybe he would be so kind to invite me to the Grand Opening.  Of course I would showcase it on my Facebook Page : Vegas Reviews with all my Vegas Lovers across the world.  

Wouldn’t that be SO amazing ?!  Please send a message me Mr Witkoff - lets make your new hotel resort super amazing. 


In 1951, the US Department of Defence tested Atomic Bombs in the “Nevada Test Site” , just 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The local businessmen of Las Vegas saw these tests as tourist attractions, letting tourists know of the next test, with roofside observations, showcasing the ominous “ Mushroom Cloud” of the Atomic explosion 💥 in the desert.  It’s been said, movie directors filmed in this area and, it’s also claimed actor John Wayne and 220 crew were exposed to radiation during several film shoots, during that era-in-time, leading to cancer.  According to “The Straight Dope” it happened - Read more...
During this time in history, Las Vegas received its nickname “ Atomic City”.   Of course, to easy your mind, the US Department of Defence no longer tests atomic bombs in Nevada. 

Today ( due to a huge presence of solar panels, Las Vegas new nickname is “ Solar City”. 


My wife and I are known as Vegas Lovers, going to Vegas since the 1980’s I had three different careers in my lifetime? One you know of ; under the name, “James Montana Scripts”. Another ( during my twenties) I was an architectural drafting tech. Today I concentrate on screenplays, articles and science-fiction short stories.  My play time is Las Vegas, of course! 

I hope you enjoyed my latest article “ DID YOU KNOW - Interesting facts of Las Vegas” .  Please join me on my Facebook Page “Vegas Reviews” 

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Elvis Presley in Las Vegas

Good morning Vegas Lovers ! 

My photo is showcasing the backend of Las Vegas with a glimpse of Westgate, Las Vegas.  You can also see Encore, Las Vegas too. 

Today I have a motivation article about Elvis Presley, but before I do ...

It’s the beginning of a new week, back to the grind. It’s my hope you enjoyed your long weekend.  Heading back to work is indeed something we all must do unless you’re independently wealthy. It’s our hope we have “work” where it doesn’t seem like work, because it’s something you really love doing. 

Is that the case for you ? 

I love writing sci-fi short stories and creating science-fiction art - If you’re interested, you can see and read them here
( just follow link that says website) 

This is what I love doing, plus vacationing in Las Vegas.  See my Vegas Fun Website here 

OR here 

OK - Today my motivation article is talking about the “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley. 

ELVIS - The King of Rock and Roll 

As a Vegas Lover I have always been attracted to the best entertainers of Las Vegas, such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis,Jr., Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin,  Liberace, Diana Ross, Tom Jones, Cher, Shania Twain and today Lady Gaga & Celine Dion.  

However, there’s only one who left behind a big impression in Las Vegas, from the early years to today.  Of course, it’s the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll - the one and only Elvis Presley.  

If there’s one person I wish to have seen in Las Vegas, that would be ELVIS PRESLEY. 

When I first heard of Elvis, my eyes were glued to the TV watching his fun, romantic, comedy movies. I wasn’t one for romance, at such a young age. However, girls were always on my mind. Besides that, Elvis left an impression of having so much fun with girls on the exotic island of Hawaii, I wanted to do the same - lol. All of his movies were enjoyable, but one in particular, I remember to this very day. It was called “Girls, Girls, Girls”, starring Elvis Presley as a poor Hawaiian fisherman, entangled in a love triangle with two girls. One of his songs was ( you guessed it ) “Girls, Girls, Girls”.  The movie was released in October 31, 1962, but I never saw it until 1966.

As a young impressionable kid, I wanted to showoff, by trying to replicate Elvis’s song, “ Girls,Girls,Girls “ along with his moves. My step-mom actually recorded it on tape. Without a doubt, my first singing appearance was a hilarious fail, to say the least - lol.  Believe-you-me, my sister got a big kick out of it, as I made a fool out of myself.  Good thing we didn’t have a movie camera 🎥☺️ back then.  

Trying to mimic Elvis Presley taught me I would never make a singer for a living.  It’s best to leave it to the gifted, such as, Elvis “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, Lady Gaga, Cher and Celine Dion. 

Later, in 1968, after his premier TV appearance, Elvis came back to live performance (after a seven-year break) with a special called “Elvis”. 

After the Elvis show, I heard he was going to be in Las Vegas, doing residency concerts.  I asked my dad if we could go to Vegas, so we can see Elvis in person. He said something along the lines of, “Are you ___kidding ! Vegas is only for adults - got it ?!”  My Dad was a mean son-of-_____.  

Anyway, I would dream one day I would meet Elvis Presley in Las Vegas.  So you can imagine the disappointment, when I heard he died on August 16, 1977.  

Elvis made an big impression on July 31, 1969 at the brand new International Hotel ( now called Westgate Las Vegas) , just after Barbara Streisand’s gig residency. In four weeks Elvis preformed 57 successful shows, with a grand performance of celebrities cheering him on during his first opening act.  With such raves, his agent negotiated with the hotel, leading to a five-year contract for a cool $1 million dollars ! However, Elvis Presley’s gig actually last seven years, because of the 636 consecutive sold-out shows.

 ( Note : Judge Judy says the word “actually” is just a filler word. Sorry Judge Judy 😉

Without-a-doubt, Elvis Presley made such an impact on Las Vegas, you can see daily “look-a-likes” of Elvis throughout the Vegas Strip. There’s even conspiracy theories, such as, Elvis never really died and is hanging out in Hawaii under an assumed name.  I’ve been to Hawaii and yet to see Elvis - go figure! 

Every entertainer have had their ups and downs, but it’s the professionals who are hardest on themselves, the most. Elvis wanted to be respected as a serious actor. Unfortunately, the film production companies only thought of his singing, that drew the crowds to the box-office. Truly wish I met Elvis Presley. If only he knew how much an impression he made to a young boy, way-back-then. When I lost my birth-mom, I was 12 years old ( I thought of Elvis loosing his precious mom too) My Mom died at 33-years and at her funeral, I wish they would have played,” Love me Tender” by Elvis Presley. 

Love Me Tender  - Love Me True

Love me tender,
Love me sweet,
Never let me go.
You have made my life complete,
And I love you so.
Love me tender,
Love me true,
All my dreams fulfilled.
For my darlin' I love you,
And I always will.
Love me tender,
Love me long,
Take me to your heart.
For it's there that I belong,
And we'll never part.

Love me tender,
Love me true,
All my dreams fulfilled.
For my darlin' I love you,
And I always will.

Love me tender,
Love me dear,
Tell me you are mine.
I'll be yours through all the years,
Till the end of time

Love me tender,
Love me true,
All my dreams fulfilled.
For my darlin' I love you,
And I always will...

 My mom fought her demons throughout her short life, but she showered me with love from the bottom of her heart.  Her name was “Elda”, a typical Italian who could ‘Cook-up-a-Storm’ with any Italian classics, you would see Las Vegas Chef Giada De Laurentiis do on TV Food Network.  

Ironically, our whole Italian family are musically inclined, except me. My mom would entertain me with our piano duets, teaching me how to play. However, after she died, I never pursued it again.  Without-a-doubt, my Mom meant everything to me. 

Anyway -  Elvis Presley impacted my young life into my teenage years. I still listen to his songs today ; actually I’m listening to one right now, as I’m writing...


I hope you enjoyed my heartfelt article today of Elvis Presley and it’s my hope I will see YOU in Vegas soon!  Keeping Elvis alive. 

Thank you for reading Vegas Lovers and have an awesome week. 

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