Saturday, January 6, 2018

Vegas 2018

 16th floor of ARIA Resort, Las Vegas

Good Morning Vegas Lovers,
2018 - whoa!   Another year and we're still all here, as is our Earth, presently unharmed. Looking forward to a new year of FUN in Vegas is certainly the key to forget the hardships of work, our screwed up political leaders and the stress of living in an uncertain future.
With a shortage of water and energy, it's a wonder Las Vegas is still the city of neon lights. Fortunately for us tourists (aka Vegas Lovers) the grand Vegas Resorts are on top of it all, ready to feature its own power system. As ARIA Resort and Casino states,” Environmental sustainability, or "going green," is about conserving today to protect tomorrow.” Of course, MGM PROPERTIES will “make-it-so for all their resorts.

Really, I don't think they have a choice anymore.

Following suit is Las Vegas Sands,( The Venetian and Palazzo) and the Wynn too. Each mega hotel operation in Las Vegas are actively seeking out renewable energy to power their Resort. Not only is this SMART business, but it's also a necessity, as the conventional power source is running dry. Whatever they decide to do, be it solar, or maybe wind energy, it will be interesting how they deal with this energy crisis.

As for us Vegas Lovers, we can't imagine Las Vegas without bright neon lights gleaming a “Hello” to the ISS ( International Space Station) above. It no wonder Aliens 👽 haven't visited Las Vegas - or have they? 😳👽😳. After all, Area 51 is only a hop, skip and jump from Las Vegas. My SciFi imagination is full of conspiracy theories- lol. That's why I love writing science-fiction screenplays.

ANYWAY - it should be an awesome year, looking forward to new beginnings in wonderful Las Vegas.
I hope you join me in my FUN Vegas Lovers Facebook Page, exchanging photos, videos, stories, tips and tricks related to enjoying the resorts, Vegas entertainment, tours, the culinary dishes to the fine wine and craft beer 🍻. Hope to meet you all poolside in wonderful Las Vegas, where the FUN never stops 😎 🥂☀️😎
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Have a great January 2018 and I will See YOU in Vegas !

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Good Morning Everyone!
My photo you see above, is a photo within a photo taken at The Cosmopolitan Resort in Las Vegas, on the second floor.
Today's topic gives you a little history lesson of Las Vegas.
I like to call it -
37 years ago we visited Las Vegas for the first time, staying at the once Maxim Hotel and Casino ( now The Westin Las Vegas). West of us, down the same street, was the grand MGM Resort (now Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino).
I remember seeing the MGM’s billboard sign featuring Sammy Davis Jr. My wife and I were young (in our 20’s) whippersnappers, pretty much green to anything Vegas. The biggest luxurious spot in town to see, was no other then Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Back then, it was one of the most expensive places to stay at, dreaming one day we would get a chance to rub shoulders with the rich.
The MGM (now Bally's) is the same hotel, where 37 years ago today, it was devastated with a deadly fire. November 21, 1980 The MGM Grand started with an electrical fire on the main floor (and due to it lacking sprinklers), it engulfed the casino and upper floors in just minutes. Unfortunately 85 people were killed and hundreds injured. It's still considered the worst disaster.
That's my biggest fear. The thought of a fire while staying in one of the tower rooms in Las Vegas. To me, that would be my worse nightmare. However, today, it's a good thing Vegas Resorts have excellent fire sprinklers and quick response times in any event to fires.
Undoubtedly they learned a hard lesson about safety, in those earlier years.

The Maxim Hotel and Casino in the 1980’s was pretty modern and bustling with tourists, like us. I believe the small pool was located on the 4th floor. The Casino on the main floor was hopping with the fun slot machines ( you know…the ones YOU actually won - go figure! ) and tables featuring the usual card games. Having no idea what I was doing, I sat down at a Blackjack table, making sure to pick the one with no one else. I made the error of telling the young girl it was my first time playing Blackjack, thinking she would show me how to play.
Well, did I learn an expensive lesson.
I gave her $20 ( which to me was a lot of money back then) thinking she would exchange it. Nope - she quickly slid it into a slot. Immediately, a cocktail waitress offered me a drink. Having no idea I played my first game of Blackjack, loosing within seconds. Looking at her puzzled, I thought my $20 would be enough for a few more games. She said to me,” No sir. You played your twenty.” I argued it was a two dollar table, still puzzled. She just looked at me blankly and said,” Sir! Are you going to play again?” I shook my head in disbelief and quietly left the table, licking my financial wounds of embarrassment.
After that, my wife and I stuck to slots machines, ever since.
37 years later, you would think I give the tables a try, but just that incident made me stay away. Maybe that's a good thing.
Back then, coins were used for the slots, from pennies to quarters. The only place I saw a dollar or five dollar machines, were at Caesars Palace. Do you remember all the little buckets of coins we would carry to the cashiers? Sometimes it took the two of us, like a tag team - lol. Our hands were black with all the coins we were handing. But, the thing is. In the 1980’s we won. You rarely win today, and if you do, it's not as near as what we won back then. I believe the casino’s shot themselves in the foot by being greedy.
Basic math and advertising features are clear.
If a group of customers win at the slots or tables, they will brag of their winnings to their friends and family. In turn, it snowballs, where you get a frenzy of excitement, leading to more customers at your door. On top of that, the hotels featured excellent late night / early morning Food Specials, such as Steak and Eggs for $2.99. You would actually wait up until the wee hours to get that special. Meanwhile you're spending more at the slot machines or tables - lol.
Today, the whole corporate thinking has changed.
With more about charging extra Resort fees, Parking and high prices on breakfast, lunch, dinner and buffets. Las Vegas is no longer the place to go for cheap meals. Mind you, the attraction are the profession Chefs, with great Fine Dining options. Celebrity Chefs, such a Chef Ramsey are flocking in to make their kill on high-priced hamburgers.
Who would of thought one would be paying $25 for a hamburger- go figure!
It's unfortunate the younger generation will never experience those fun old days in Las Vegas, where cheap meals were a drawing card and Resort fees were never heard of. However, we never saw so much luxury in Las Vegas.
Personally, I believe, if the Vegas Resorts loosen up the slot machines and give YOU a chance at the tables, word would catch like fire, in good way! Word-of-mouth is still the best kind of advertising around. Do you need to pay corporate CEO’s millions of dollars per year, to please the shareholders with the bottom dollar ?
NO, is my answer.
My daughter’s tell me today,”Dad, why should we go and spend our money in Vegas, when there's no winnings in the casino? We might as well spend our money at a competitor, like Hawaii or Mexico,”
AND - that's the problem Vegas has presented itself.
In my time, Las Vegas was considered the cheapest and FUN holiday to go to. It's no longer the cheapest. AND here's the problem - you may get your customers to Vegas once or twice, but there isn't any incentive to keep coming back. It's so important to have that DRAWING CARD to keep your members coming back on a regular basis.
The thing is though, because of the number of people visiting Las Vegas per year (40 million) the Resorts have figured out, they don't have to care, it's the numbers, that keep them in business.
BUT - now, you must keep to that ratio of numbers in order to survive.
Running a mega Resort in Las Vegas is expensive, costing millions of dollars a day. The overhead is indeed a killer. The smaller and older hotels can suffer greatly.
It's kind of like the Mafia system - where they used to bleed the hotel or restaurant, everything it's worth, and then discard it by illegal means (like say a fire, for example) collecting the insurance. Today, corporate business use the legal form, called bankruptcy. A hotel will go bankrupted, it's taken over by another business and history will repeat itself, as tax payers and lean-holders, take the fall in this elaborate, legal, cost effective operation.
Of course, the Rich, the Whales (high rollers) and professional card players don't have to worry. They receive a ton of free comps, we middle-class, will never see.
I don't think my rich friend has ever spent a nickel on rooms, shows or restaurants. His comps get him through the week.
In conclusion, everyone has some kind of scam, trying to bet the odds in their favour. My question is, how about being honest. How about attracting customers the good old fashion way - Word of Mouth. Let's see better odds at the slots and tables. Bring out incentives to bring your customers back. Think of it like a PRODUCT. Everlasting sales on a good viable product bring better returns in the long run. Short spurts with gimmicks only last so long, burning out fast!
BUT - what do I know. I'm just a customer.
I hope you enjoyed my topic today. Betting on the fact, you're getting ready for a wonderful Thanksgiving and a blockbuster start into the holidays with Black Friday.
WILL we see you in Las Vegas this holiday weekend, celebrating Thanksgiving?
LIKE if you are. If you don't like, that means you aren't.
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Have a wonderful holiday Vegas Lovers and as always - I will See YOU in Vegas !

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Vegas Strong - We Stand Together

Morning Everyone - today's post is also on Vegas Reviews

Vegas Strong - We Stand Together
Today is a time to reflect on the bravery and courage of the people at the concert, where humanity grows stronger together in times of unspeakable evil.
Throughout the unmistakable chaos there were men and women in shining armour, assisting the injured as best as they could. Some using their own bodies to shield others from the assault of raging bullets.
The wrath of evil may have been present, but in between this terrible war zone, the love for humanity was brought together.

Strangers were helping strangers.

In one instance, a young man was dying, a man from Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada, here in Las Vegas to enjoy the concert.  An American woman (Las Vegas bartender) beside him reached over to help him.

“I reached over and I was holding this guy’s hand, and I could kind of feel him squeeze my fingers and then all of a sudden, like…he wasn’t squeezing my fingers anymore.”

23 year old Jordan McIIdoon died, but he didn't die alone. This woman's small gesture of kindness is a glimpse of how humanity sticks together in times of horror. To Jordon’s last minutes, a touch of kindness helped him, where his soul will most probably take on a new journey into the cosmos of life.

Thrown into the midst of a war zone, humanitarian efforts were evident throughout the horrific evening. People were using their vehicles to race the injured to the hospitals. Others were carrying the wounded to safety. First responders and the Las Vegas Police were protecting and assisting. The whole community of Las Vegas are pulling together to help anyway they can. And it's not over… today, Vegas Hotels and motels are giving free rooms to assist the families of the victims.

It's evident. We are NOT going to let evil win.

In fact, we will be strong for Las Vegas as humanity stands together, in defiance to hatred, where hate has no leg to stand on. Peace and Love is the human way, no matter the colour, race or religion.

Thinking of the strength of humanity, I wrote these lyrics:

We Are The People of the Universe by Bari Demers
We are the people of the universe
We are the people, We are the loving people
We are the beautiful people who rule the earth in love and peace
We the people who stand together in defiance to all types of hatred
We are a force to be reckoned, as we can never be broken
We are the Lovers of humanity
We are the people, the only people of the universe, so far…
May you join us, for We are the loving people
Come forth across the nations
Come together as one, for We are the people of the universe.

If you like to read more of yesterday's message : Las Vegas Tragedy Brings Humanity Together

If you have words of heroism please share with us here.

I would like to conclude, the grief of the families of the victims is extremely heart breaking, to say the least. My deepest condolences and thoughts are to all those effected.

As a dad who lost his daughter I know how distraught parents, children and loved ones are feeling today - my deepest condolences…

Bari Demers - Vegas Reviews

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spending your Pennies in Vegas Wisely

 The Palazzo, Las Vegas by Vegas Reviews
                            The Palazzo, Las Vegas photo credit Vegas Reviews

Saving Pennies by Vegas Reviews

Most of us Vegas Lovers are barely getting through life just paying for our bills, taxes, doing our best to look after our kids and grandchildren with what little money we have, so it's a big commitment for us to place down $300 - $400 (per couple) to be able to see a Superstar entertainer. We'll never become the "Whales" of Vegas where money is of little concern. But you know what we do have ? We have our families, our children and grandchildren, who are priceless!

As a Vegas Lover I truly can say we love our time in Vegas and, my wife and I are eagerly saving our pennies for our next vacation. It's never a vacation if you have to come home to paying off your bills, so we save and save, just like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter. So when it's time to visit Vegas, we're ready to enjoy every minute of our Vaca ( my daughter, Tianndra says that's short for vacation. It's hard to keep up with all the abbreviations - lol).

It's Vegas Baby !

 ARIA Resort, Las Vegas by Bari Demers
 Looking down on the pool scene from the 16th floor of ARIA Resort, Las Vegas Photo credit Vegas Reviews/ Bari 

If you look after your pennies and keep to your budget, Las Vegas can be the most affordable holiday. If you spend all your time in the casinos? Well, no matter how you try, the casino always ends up with your hard earned cash. So it's important to play responsibly and keep to your budget, otherwise you'll end up going home disappointed.

One young couple was a part of my FB Page : Vegas Reviews, you follow today. They were newbies to Las Vegas and didn't heed to my suggestions of keeping to that budget. Both came back, saying," Vegas is overrated."

I have to differ with their words because as us Vegas Lovers know, Vegas has a lot to offer if and only IF you SAVE for your vacation and keep to your BUDGET. In other words, expect to pay $150 - $200 a day per person. Go enjoy your favourite restaurant, tour or entertainment of your choice. Go ahead and sip on that favourite alcoholic drink of your choice, costing you $15 - $30 per drink. Of course it's an expense you normally wouldn't spend at home... BUT YOU ARE ON VACATION. Trust me, when I say you're going to spend that kind of money elsewhere too. Any sweet spot referred to as a popular holiday spot, you're going to spend even more money. Hawaii is a good example, and so is Tahiti and the Caribbean Islands.

The point is, in Las Vegas, you can spend as much as you want or as much as YOU can afford, it's up to YOU.

I suggest save for the next vacation even if it takes 2-5 years. When you're ready, it will be the best VACA you've ever had, simply because you won't have to worry about coming home to bills you can't pay and faced with high credit card charges. It's vital you pay off your credit card statement after each month, otherwise you'll become a slave to society. You'll no longer have the choice to enjoy what YOU want to enjoy, because you're up to your neck, drowning in bills.

Never become a slave and always save your hard-earned money 💰you'll not only pay less in the long run but YOU will enjoy your life more, making your own choices and NOT on the "Treadmill of Life" where others dictate what YOU do.
 Luxor Rooms by Vegas Reviews
     Here's a look at one of the tower rooms at Luxor,Las Vegas Photo Credit Vegas Reviews/Bari

Anyway - I hope you come to enjoy Vegas under a responsible controlled vacation, where YOU makes the choices. I sound like a finance adviser- lol, but I'm not. Just by experience I know how to live within-my-means, meaning I look after my pennies first and foremost.

Hope you enjoy my short article today on spending your pennies in Las Vegas.

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Thank you for following me on Vegas Reviews, where I tell you as it is and NOT persuaded or associated by any Vegas business or Resort. I'm just a Vegas Lover enjoying Vegas as much as I can afford - that's all. My wife and I have been going to Vegas since the 1980's. My goodness, that's 37 years - whoa 😲

Have an awesome weekend in Vegas Everyone - Cheers 🍻!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mandalay Bay Vegas Review

Today I like to mention our experience at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. First and foremost, if you're looking for the most excellerating experience in a tour, I highly recommend you try out Maverick Helicopters. All their flights are reasonable, plus you get to see photos, like the one above by Maverick Helicopters.  CLICK HERE for more information.


Mandalay Bay Resort features 3,309 rooms, such as the "Resort King" or "Resort Queens" room with 550 sq ft, a 42" LED TV along with USB port and Bluetooth. Of course WiFi (high speed internet) is included in your extra Resort fee of $ 32 per day, along with use of the fitness centre, printing out airline boarding passes and local calls.

You can upgrade to the "Bay King" suites offering 610 sq ft rooms. Pick your view preferences, be it overlooking the Vegas Strip, Poolside (Beach view) or Mountain side. A typical "Resort King" room will cost you around $115 per night not including Resort fee. But if you hook up with their email list, they offer better rates throughout the year, depending what's going on. 

If you gamble, there's more special rates as well through MGM Resorts International MLIFE Players Card. I personally enjoy MLife because there's a lot of options, including online
games, such as MVegas Slots, Blackjack and their new myKONAMI slots game, all which allow you to collect gold coins. Depending on many Gold coins you collect, they give you the
opportunity to exchange it for real rewards, such as buffets, free rooms OR upgrades and awesome tours.

Check out the online free games by Play studios.


Poolside at Mandalay Bay is without a doubt a wonderful experience featuring the famous Mandalay Beach playground with 2,700 tons of real sand (which I love). Cabanas, Day Beds, bungalows and personalized villas are all offered at a price. The Beach playground is so successful, I figure this is why Steve Wynn has decided to begin building this option at his resort too. 

The competition in Las Vegas is definitely fierce 😎 Good for us Vegas


Our experience at the SeaBreeze Cafe was indeed enjoyable, as I ordered my favourite Eggs Benedict and my wife had a stack of pancakes. Both breakfast items were delicious and fresh ! 

The entrance and restaurant decor is a very pleasing atmosphere. 

What I love about SeaBreeze Cafe, the menu offers an all-day breakfast. The prices are reasonable and comparable to other Vegas Resorts. We were impressed with our server. She was cheerful and took the time to ask us how was our stay so far. Asking where we were from, letting us know she serves another guest from our area too. Apparently the other guest is a regular, coming for his weekly holiday every year for the past five years. You could tell right away she's very good at her career, that I would consider professional. 

Of course we left a gratuity!

There's a good assortment of restaurants to choose from, cafe to fine dining 

 CLICK HERE for more information.

The next place I really enjoy for nightlife and dining was the Foundation Room, located on the Top floor. There's an admission charge of $30 but if you go as a dining guest, the admission is complimentary to the Lounge which features an awesome outside view of the Las Vegas Strip. Look through my previous Vegas Photos to see what I mean. It's spectacular!

Read more... 

Overall, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas is a fabulous Resort for your next visit. The price and accommodations is comparable to the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Aria, Cosmopolitan and the Wynn. 

I highly recommend Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

As always - See YOU in Vegas soon !  AND Join in the fun with the rest of us Vegas Lovers on Facebook with tips, 1000's of Photos and videos and great Vegas Reviews!

By Vegas Reviews 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cher By Vegas Reviews

 Photo of Cher by MCM Machado Cicala Morassut

NOTE : Photo is by Machado Cicala Morassut - Please see his website HERE
Good Morning Everyone!
Here's a interview with Cher which I obviously had to share by Las Vegas Weekly. During my lifetime I watched Sonny and Cher, first on the Ed Sullivan Show and then their hip hop Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour in the early 1970's. ( shhhh... I'm not telling my age).
Did you know one of the writers of that show was Steve Martin.
Yes ! Steve Martin ! Go figure ! Isn't that so cool 😎 ?
Sonny wrote a lot of the songs where Cher's voice just killed it ! Her voice is certainly is superior and (must we even mention) a well trained vocalist. During the 1960's the song "I Got You Babe" was a big hit ! I was just 10 years old before I ever heard this song, during their hit Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, that took off in the early 1970's.


It still is one of my favourites.

Before the 1970's they made a bunch of hit songs until around 1967. Now get this, because of their drug-free lifestyle and pop songs they weren't as popular as say the acid rock groups.
Say what ?! Go figure!
SO - like Sonny does, he decides to do shows in ...yup...YOU guessed it - LAS VEGAS !
During their time in Vegas in the late 1960's they did the comedy along with Cher's amazing singing. Apparently during one of their shows, a couple of TV scouts noticed the fun Sonny and Cher.
By 1970 they were on television.
Their show grew into the popular Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, as I remember it. To me it was a pretty remarkable show. Even after Sonny and Cher broke up, Cher was back in Vegas, this time without Sonny.

 Photo Credit by Bari Demers - The Vegas Strip

I've always loved Cher 😎 So when I finally saw her in person during 2010 at the Caesars Colosseum, Las Vegas, it was certainly a treat!
Now to hear of Cher coming back to Vegas for a final residency, this time as "Classic Cher" at the brand new PARK THEATRE by MGM, is awesome news, as I mentioned last week too.
Do you remember all the photos I shared with you of The Park, Las Vegas ? One of the photos was the PARK THEATRE still being built this past summer. At the time I was wondering who was going to perform in this new MGM Theatre.
 The Park Theater by Bari Demers 2016

Cher is said to begin her new legacy on February 8 2017. WOW!
Cher is just remarkable to say the least. I really don't know Cher (only from her shows) but she seems so sweet during all of her performances, but her recent Twitter wars with Donald Trump is the other side of Cher.
Will the real Cher please stand up.
I get the impression Cher is NOT scared to say what's on her mind. And I guess that's a good thing. With Cher you know what your getting and don't piss her off or else all hell will break loose. At least that's my impression. I sent her a tweet not too worry if Trump gets in, because she's very much welcome to stay in Canada. As a matter of fact I wrote an article about it here :
Hopefully she just might read it - lol.
Oh - BTW - if you missed it - read this other article of mine too - it has what America wants :

 Vegas Reviews

Cher is truly a remarkable and resilient woman who has been in the public eye since she was 16 years old. That's a long time in show business from tours, movies to TV shows. Not too mention her Grammy and Academy Awards!
In this stage of life, (a little pun there) Cher doesn't have to prove anything but to continue what she loves to do. And that is to sing! There's a hint that she will have other guests and high-tech goodies on her new show in Las Vegas. We will all have to see for ourselves.
Believe it or not, Cher and I have two things in common.
We both have asthma and we both do a lot of research. In fact half of my day is research, while the other half is writing.
Oh wait!
Maybe there's three things in common - We are all Vegas Lovers ! This will be the last time for Cher in Las Vegas, so if by any chance, get yourself down to Vegas ! This is the time to enjoy the professional performances of lovely CHER. Get Tickets today!
I missed Cher by the magic number 10 - she's ten years older then me. She was born on May 20 - I was born on May 30th - GO figure!
Is this fate or what - lol.
AND - one of her dates in the Park Theatre at Monte is on her birthday, May 20, 2017.
Anyway - I hope your enjoying your weekend and as always I will see YOU in Vegas! Cher - I got you babe 😎

PS - I have no idea whats going on with Blogger lately - the spaces in my sentences have nothing to do with the way Im writing this article. Blogger has gone crazy!