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Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Poolside at Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas - Photo by Bari Demers

Who doesn't remember the 1987 film, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" with John Candy and Steve Martin?

It's a comical look of two individuals with completely different lifestyles trying to get home for the holidays. John Candy plays character Del Griffith, a mishap salesman who sells shower curtain rings to hotel chains. Steve Martin plays a sophisticated controlling businessman basically forced to
cross country with Del, who he finds extremely annoying. But, in the end, he learns something about himself, realizing you can't control the world around you and close friends are made in the strangest circumstances.

Facebook is a good example, where you pleasantly find a new friend, not even close to your lifestyle. With millions of followers it certainly has become the hub to new friendships. It's also a great spot to find Facebook Pages, helping you plan your traveling adventures, from planes, trains and automobiles.

Las Vegas Strip - Photo by Bari Demers

Traveling these days can be very stressful, so it only makes sense to plan it well ahead, using every source of information to suit your interest, lifestyle and budget.

Every business on Facebook is trying their best to entice you to try out their product, service or resort. Each one with their own personal agenda. And this is where I come in, Vegas Reviews.

Not a business, my blogs are unbiased, with its only agenda to inform viewers of the best entertainment, resorts, restaurants and tours by my experiences only. And the best part, I only let you know of the good, NOT the bad and ugly. There are already too many websites trashing businesses. I look strictly at the FUN and PLEASANT experiences in Vegas.  It's simple really; if I find a business or entertainment I found unfavorable, I will never promote or even mention them.

My motto in Vegas ?

"Having FUN in Vegas is all you need" - simply right?

Your vacation is important to you, so who needs an unpleasant experience?  My Facebook Page, Vegas Reviews, is the hub of FUN experiences, displaying 1000's of photos, interactive blogs and showcasing my experiences in Vegas. It allows my followers to find useful information, the inside unbiased approach to the most FUN resorts with great food and service.

The resorts themselves, are busy advertising, in order to find you,"the best bang for your buck", so its not necessary for me to head down that rabbit hole.  Each of my viewers have the option to read my blogs and decide for themselves which resort will suit their lifestyle and budget.

The Wynn Landscape - Photo by my friends Mark & Romeo of Visual Aerials

On a worldwide view of Vegas, the best prices are unquestionably suited for Americans in their homeland, which is totally understandable. They have the option of a short vacation without hurting their pocketbook.  Whereas in Canada, it's not as easy because of the cost of airfare, but still at a very competitive price.  But never under estimate the rest of the world.  Las Vegas has recently broken its own record.

Over 40 million tourists have visited Sin City, just for 2014 alone!
The Venetian, Las Vegas - Photo by Bari Demers

It quickly signifies Las Vegas as one of the top tourist hot spots in the world. I have met people from Australia, UK, France, Italy and Germany, just to name a few.  What is really interesting about their traveling plans, they come all this way to stay for only 3 - 4 days. A good example of this, is when I stayed at the Venetian,  I met a couple all the way from England who were previously introduced to Vegas by their invite to a wedding. It was then they were hooked on the FUN Vegas has to offer. Next year they were back, on a last minute flight, for only 3 days long.

It tells you the power of advertising and the lasting impression Vegas leaves behind.
At Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas - Photo by Bari Demers

My wife and I have been going to Vegas since the early 1980's, giving us the opportunity to express our experiences, what to do and not to do. But, Sin City is forever changing its landscape, policies and prices.

It only makes sense to head to Vegas two to three times a year, just to keep up on this ever changing city.

Going to Vegas has some rules to keep in mind. For example, never go to Sin City thinking your going to make money.  Trust me when I say, Vegas wouldn't be offer their great room prices if the gambling wasn't on their side. Of course, if you consider yourself a professional gambler, then go for it. But for the rest of us, the truth of gambling depends strictly on luck.

I'm not lucky, so I pay close attention to my budget, making sure I never become overwhelmed by rash decisions.

An example of this was one inexperienced viewer who decided to go to Vegas for the first time. Unfortunately, they didn't take the time to read my blogs, explaining the risks associated with Vegas. They were overwhelmed and quickly stated,"... Vegas is over-rated".

It's true.

Vegas can be overwhelming on your first or even fourth stay, so it's so important to take baby steps with a tight budget you can afford. And, never ever go outside that budget.

There is so much to do and see in Vegas, it's impossible to see it all at once. My first time arriving in Vegas, I too was overwhelmed. It was then I quickly learned how to enjoy Vegas, without going home broke.

Back then, seeing The Mirage just being built by Mr. Steve Wynn, I knew Vegas was going to be something very, very special. Vegas was headed to be the best hot spot in North America, thanks to Steve Wynn's entrepreneur vision.

Sunset Strip - Photo by  Visual-Aerials 

So, hopefully I have peaked your interest in Las Vegas. Come join me on the fun with Vegas Reviews. Be sure to read my blogs and make your own decision, whether Vegas suits your lifestyle and budget for your next vacation.

By Bari Demers - Screenwriter and blogger

Below are LINKS for your references ( And No - I don't receive free rooms or special prices to showcase their links or am I associated with the below properties)  I just give you some good examples of finer hotels in Vegas.

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  6. Luxor, Las Vegas
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  9. Treasure Island, Las Vegas - read my blog about T.I.

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