Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes with Adam Pass

Photo Credit : Adam Pass Photography

The past week on Vegas Reviews I have been writing about tours outside of Vegas for the adventurous hiker or sight-seer. It's also the right fit for all the amazing photographers, such as it was for Adam Pass.

As you already know from my last article on Death Valley National Park, a couple of friends, Romeo and Mark were scouting Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes and Racetrack Playa exploring the incredible Mojave desert landscape with a group of team members.
Photo Credit: Adam Pass Photography

During my search process I happily discovered Adam Pass, a professional photographer from Montgomery, New York, who was also part of the Adobe Photoshop team. The hardy adventurers braved the cold desert nights along with the scorching afternoon heat hitting higher digits, as Adam puts it," We survived the 115 degree heat, even though at times the camera didn't..."

Photo Credit: Adam Pass

Not being deterred from the Mojave desert's harsh environment, Adam's early start allowed him to capture stunning serene landscapes, featuring the rolling Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes peaking through the morning sunrise. 

Team leader Russell Preston Brown (Sr. Creative Director of Adobe) led the Adobe Photoshop excursion, gathering valuable data and breathtaking photos using cameras and assists by DJI drones into the late night. 

Photo Credit : Adam Pass

Adam's spectacular night shot of freezing Romeo instantly into a Jedi master and suddenly transporting him to an eerie alien planet, was indeed awe inspiring. The Mojave Desert was alive with human activity, sparkling into the starry night sky.

It's hard to believe the hustle and bustle of Vegas is only a mere two hour drive from a desert famously known to all film producers and screenwriters,like myself.

If you love the outdoors and looking for something different in tours while in Vegas, experiencing the Mesquite Flat Dunes in Death Valley National Park should definitely be on your bucket list.
Photo Credit: Visual-Aerials 


Photography is a big part of Vegas Reviews, even though I'm very much considered an amateur, but having the opportunity to meet fun interesting professional photographers, like Adam Pass and my DJI drone friends, Romeo and Mark with Visual-Aerials, it's sure to highlight some of the best photography within Vegas Reviews.

And it's without question, Adams experience in photography exceeds from the "norm" with an exceptional eye for beauty, awe inspiring landscapes along with capturing those 
precious moments.

Photo Credit : Adam Pass

Being able to reach out with social platforms, like Facebook and Twittergives writers, photographers and artist the opportunity to connect with each other. Not to mention the immense value of showcasing their expertise. 

This is the difference between Vegas Reviews from the rest, it's more in-depth articles about Vegas and its surrounding Nevada landscape, reaching throughout the State of Arizona and even the tips of California. Vegas Reviews brings you closer to the experiences of the Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon to the inspiring Death Valley featuring photographers, artists and writers.

Aria Landscape - Photo Credit: Bari Demers 

And to continue making Vegas Reviews apart from the rest, our overall reviews of Vegas hotels and entertainment has a style of its own, simply because our motto is about, "Lets have fun in Vegas"

In short, we only mention the good side of our experiences with each hotel, entertainment or tour adventure. If ever our experience turns out to be terrible, we just never talk about it. 

And trust me there's has been a few.
Photo Credit: Adam Pass

I would like to personal thank Adam Pass for his permission in showcasing his wonderful works of art in photography. Take a moment to check out his website, Adam's Photography. 

It's also a humbling experience to be able to interact with my friends, Romeo and Mark of Visual-Aerials. I truly appreciate their permission too.

If you're interested in showcasing your photos on Vegas Reviews, just message me. 

If your photo or art piece is about Las Vegas, Nevada, Arizona, along with tours and entertainment photos, my blog community of Vegas Lovers are very interested to see and hear about your fun experiences on Vegas Reviews! 

And of course, feel free to pass along to your friends. The more Vegas Lovers, the better!

By Bari Demers

Bari is a Canadian freelance writer/screenwriter who is also considered a Vegas Lover showcasing Vegas Reviews - If he experiences a great time or adventure, expect to hear about the fun he and his wife had,"Going to Vegas since 1989..."

He has worked on several screenplays, such as Agent Sky, Black Angels and Missing. Presently looking into doing his own short film or collaborating with film makers for his screenplays. 

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