Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How to become Vegas Lovers

The Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas

Vegas Lovers are those people who love everything Vegas has to offer.  It's all about having fun, trying out the abundance of restaurants, great entertainment or enjoying the facilities of your favorite hotel. A little bit of gambling doesn't hurt either.  And let's not forget, the weekend party goers hitting the Vegas clubs in full force, making the most of little time they have.

Problem : So, how do you become a Vegas Lover?

Well, first and foremost you must love going to Vegas.

Solution: Take Vegas in baby-steps. 

In other words, don't try to see Vegas all in one visit. You are sure to burn out fast! Keep coming back every year and if you have the money and ambition, make it three times a year. Otherwise Vegas can become overwhelming, trying to see everything in a one time vacation. 

Problem :  Don't think you're coming to Vegas to make money. The reality 
of gambling is all together something else.

Solution :  If you classify yourself as NOT a professional gambler, like me, 
then take these pointers into consideration. Become a "Healthy Safe 

The thought of winning a jackpot of $2.4 million or even a few thousand can make Vegas a tantalizing dream come true. But the reality of actually winning is just that, a dream. 

Try to think of it this way and you will never leave disappointed. 

Plan Ahead : 

Before going to Vegas, give yourself a certain amount of spending money (cash) that you know ahead of time will be used for playing blackjack, roulette or the slots. Break it down on a daily basis how much of this cash you can spend during your overall stay in Vegas. Make this your "Gambling Budget" and stick to it!

 For example:

Let's say you allow for $350 per day during your 4 days. Once that amount of money is gone, it's time to do something else. Head to the pool, go see the free sights throughout the Vegas Strip or treat yourself to a cheap lunch. 

Not only does this give you time to enjoy other activities of Vegas, it also lets you reflect, take a step back or think how much you have spent in just one day. Even spread your gambling allowance for the day into thirds. And never convince yourself, you'll just use the next days funds to get back on track. Gambling is a tricky web and before you know it, you have spent all your "gambling allowance" in just one day. And worst yet, you're heading for a cash advance on your credit card. Never every do this! Restrict your gambling is the key. 

Problem :  Now, If by luck, you do win some money back ? (Well, not really 
a problem)

Solution :  Think of this money as BONUS MONEY.

What do I do with bonus money? 

Instead of placing it back into the casino, I make a point of treating ourselves to an expensive show or the best fine dining Vegas has to offer. 
Or, if you're frugal enough, tuck it away until you reach home to place back into the bank. Myself, I place my winnings back into the hotel I'm staying at, to make my stay even more enjoyable. 

For the ladies, how about treating yourself to the spa? 

Problem :  How much is too much ?

Solution :  Enjoying Vegas is pretty much like enjoying yourself like any other vacation. With other vacations, you take the time to plan ahead and budget for your stay.  Same with Vegas

Never "break the bank" just to take a quick vacation. Save for it, instead of running up your credit card. Coming back to a ton of bills will only make your vacation seem like a bust and worse yet, you're paying for that vacation years to come, wondering where you went wrong? 

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

The great thing about Vegas? 

It can be affordable! In Vegas, you can spend only a couple of days and it will feel like a great mini- vacation. You don't have to spend a week in Vegas. That's the beauty about Vegas. Take as many mini-vacations you can afford! 

Problem :  Vegas is overwhelming, what should I do? 

Solution :  The first time or even second and third,  visiting Vegas, you may have the tendency to enjoy everything at once.  It's only natural to think this way, but try your best to absorb Vegas a little at a time.

For Example: 
Your staying at the Luxor Hotel & Casino on the south-side of the strip.  But, now you want to go to a buffet or see an attraction at the Wynn, Las Vegas.  Sure, you can take the deuce bus system or hop on a cab, but then you'll find yourself spending most of your time traveling. Not to mention, riding the deuce bus is like being stuff in a sardine can.

The best way to make your stay more enjoyable?

Stay and do things related to the south side of the Vegas Strip.  On the North end?  Do things related to the North side. Its that simply and less confusing.

Staying on the South side?

You can see as much as you want and go as far as the Bellagio, Las Vegas, just using  the FREE Aria Express.  There are plenty of shops, including  plenty of other hotels to see, such as  Excalibur and MGM Grand, not to mention you're a stones throw away from Mandalay Bay adjoining the new addition of the Delano, Las Vegas.

Problem :  How do I keep up with all what's going on in Vegas ?

Solution :  Keep in touch by joining their "Players Card Club", keep sociable by joining your favorite Vegas Hotel on Facebook and of course join my Vegas Lovers Personal Blog Facebook Page : Vegas Reviews.

In Conclusion :  

Enjoy Vegas as a Vegas Lover is a way to ensure a rich fun based vacation without any regrets.  Ok - so who wants to go to Vegas?  

I do, I do!

By Bari Demers
Personal blogger and freelance writer. Check out my screenplay 


  1. hey do they hold any money back if by chance you do happen to win anything?

  2. They hold back a percentage of your winnings for taxes, but for Canadians all you have to do is fill out a form at Customs. Within a month you will get your full winnings.