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Best Room in Vegas - What's Your Criteria ?

Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas - 16th Floor - poolside view -  Photo by Bari Demers

Some folks say,"I don't care what my room looks like in Vegas. I spend very little time in my room".

I must agree to disagree with this comment.  

My vegas room is an important part of our overall fun experience.  From room service to being pampered with ensuite amenities. 

Here's my "Lucky 7" criteria I hope for when picking a room : 

1.  The view - it's always a plus to be able to see either a beautiful view of the Vegas Strip or the amazing courtyard, poolside.
Poolside View at Aria Resort and Casino - Photo by Bari Demers

2. Above or equal to the 10th floor - we've experienced all kinds of rooms throughout the years, from 2nd floor to the 28th floor.  The most enjoyable rooms are those above the 10th floor. It's feels like an upgrade of luxury.

Rooms from the second to the fifth floor aren't really anything special. These rooms make you feel the resort hasn't made that "extra effort" to make you feel comfortable.  Mind you, some customers feel safe on the lower floors.

By the sixth floor, you begin to see more of a view.

And of course, this doesn't apply to the $40,000 per night stays at the Octavius Tower Caesars Palace featuring 11,200 sq. ft.

But seriously, who can afford these rooms?  Billionaires - that's who!

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas - Poolside View - 27th floor Forum Towers - Photo by Bari Demers

3. The Bedding - Plush King-Size beds with Egyptian cotton sheets with fluffy pillows.  A good nights sleep is always a plus, even in Vegas, where it's non-stop 24/7.  Sure, you may stay up until the wee hours, but you will always feel like heaven as your head hits that pillow. A comfortable bed is certainly a requirement with any resort.

4. The size of the room means something - when I stayed at the Venetian, Las Vegas, 650 sq ft rooms does make a difference.  Most comparable one room suites throughout Vegas are from around 420 - 520 sq ft.  Without paying more, it's always nice to feel like you have been upgraded. 

5. The amenities are important.  Showcasing my Facebook Page Vegas Reviews means it's vital I have Internet connection.

a) Internet - It's also the best way to contact family and friends while on vacation.

b) The in-room safe is a must, no matter where you decide your next vacation.

c) Electronic Toys - Remote control is always a plus, from TV to opening your drapes automatically. When I stayed at Aria Resort and Casino, their touch iPad feature offered everything from temperature control, lights, drapes, TV to setting the alarm.
Just entering the room was amazing, as the two-fold drapes automatically opened to the grand view.

d) Room Service - from the much appreciated, hard working maids cleaning your room, to a hot meal greeted by kitchen staff.  It really means a lot - it's like the "icing on the cake" sort of speak. What kind of holiday would it be without the friendly staff. Be sure to leave a tip to those who go that extra mile for you. 

6. The Bathroom - the most pleasing bathroom is a little luxury on the side.

During our stay at Caesars Palace, the Forum Tower Royal suites offered 2000 sq ft, one bedroom with 3 bathrooms, a private bar, huge dining and living room featuring plenty of space to entertain guests up to six people.

Each bathroom featured a dual-head rain shower with glass doors, marble tile and towels galore.

My wife even had her own make-up table, just off from the main master bathroom.

Bathrooms are not only a requirement but it's a place to soak your bones or take a much needed shower. All those little soaps, conditioners and shampoos with their very own scent, make your time most relaxing.  My wife loves to take those traditional bubble-baths.  

7. Entrance - entering your room does have value.  It's nice to step into your very own foyer.  Opening the door is your "grand entrance" to luxury.  For that split second, your mind anticipates,
"What will my little piece of heaven look like? "  At the Forum Tower suite, our entrance was magnificent, with double-door entrance, a doorbell and a large marble floor foyer. 

Your room experience may be different depending on your lifestyle.  

But one thing I've noticed?  

Once you move up to different levels of luxury, it's hard to go back to a "Plain-Jane" room.  

Las Vegas offers you every kind of luxury you're looking for.

What do you look for in a room? 

What do you consider your Best Room in Vegas?

Personally, mine would begin with the Venetian, Las Vegas along with Palazzo, the Wynn side-by-side with Encore, Caesars Palace with the Forum and Augustus Towers, the Bellagio, Vdara and Aria Resort and Cosmopolitan with the terrace option. 

Your personal resort favorite may be different from past experiences, but the above suggestions won't steer you wrong.

Your best room may have been at the Luxor or Planet Hollywood - whatever is your best, share with me your favorite room in Las Vegas -  Vegas Reviews - We are Vegas Lovers.

Whatever life-style requirements you have, they are sure to be important to you.

Your stay in Vegas is important, it's your vacation to relax and enjoy the comforts you don't regularly see at home.  It may be to celebrate a wedding, anniversary or birthday.  

But whatever the reason is, you've decided to stay in Las Vegas, the room begins or ends your pleasant stay.

See you in Vegas!

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