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Vegas Lovers

Welcome to Vegas Reviews! 

Or else known on Google as "VegasPlayfun" or
Vegasplayfun or twitter as @vegasreviewsvg and also on

We're the social Facebook Club of "Vegas Lovers" who can't wait until their 

next visit to Sin City. 

Our History with Vegas

My wife and I have visited Vegas since our very first stay in 1989 at the 

once Maxim Hotel, (kitty corner to the now Bally's Las Vegas, formerly the 
MGM Grand Hotel and Casino on 3645 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas). 

Our first arrival onto the Vegas Strip was the same time Steve Wynn 

started building the Mirage resort. The Mirage was an awe-inspiring sight 
with the Volcano just beginning it's formation. At the time we never realized 
that one day we would stay at the Mirage too. 

Steve Wynn left us with a wonderful first impression on Vegas. We knew 

right there and then, Vegas was our home away from home. 

Inexperience with Sin City, it was overwhelming to gamble at the slot 
machines and play Blackjack, but after a couple of visits, we learned to only 
play with the monies you brought with you. In other words, we had 
entertainment money, and once gone, that was it. That's when we began 
taking on the pool scene. 

Fun on the Slot Machines

Who remembers the days of collecting your winnings of coins filled in little 

plastic cups. It was common to see slot machine goers with their hands 
blacken from handling the coins and arms full of plastic cups, headed to the 

It was always fun to watch the cashiers place the mirage of coins in the 

"sorting machines" whirling them through with a "counter" revealing how 
much you won! 

And of course, let's not forget those midnight breakfast specials offering 

steak and eggs for only $2.99. We always made sure we stayed up long 
enough to enjoy these great specials, even though it meant more gambling. 
At the end, I'm sure that steak and eggs special really wasn't a savings after 
all, if you count in the time at the slot machines.

The pool scene was part of our stay, when billboards showcased Sammy 

Davis Jr. up to this very day in 2014.

Vegas Pool Scene 

When visiting The Venetian Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, The Bellagio, 

MGM Grand, Aria, The Luxor, Cosmopolitan, The Wynn and numerous 
other Mega Vegas Resorts we have stayed; my wife and I have always 
indulged in the pool scene.

As a matter of fact we make a point to spend our mornings at the pool. 

It's always a good idea to arrive early, specially during the summer months. 

Arriving by 8:30 am will promise you "Prime" real estate poolside, but the 
later you show up the less chance you'll find a lounge chair. 

Unless you decided to reserve your lounge chair, Day Beds or Cabanas. 

Each hotel offers a competitive premium price to suit your lifestyle or, like 

Aria, the convenience of reserving your lounge chair on-line, before you 
even leave for your vacation. 

A Day Bed can cost you around $150 - $300 for a small group of party 

goers, couples and/or families. Please check each resort for their exclusive 

Shaded Cabanas offer amenities, such as:

  • Privacy 
  • A fully stocked fridge with non-alcoholic drinks
  • A inviting Mister (cool water mist)
  • Internet connection - Wi-Fi
  • Lounge chairs
  • Telephone
  • Dining table for 4
  • A safe for your valuables 
Your very own private host will offer drinks and food selections of your 
choice at an additional cost. Hungry? Just ask for a menu! 

Each Vegas Resort offers their variation and will answer to any special 
requests, to make your stay enjoyable. 

The cost for Cabanas range from $350 - $900 accommodating 6 - 8 guests 

with the Mega Cabanas from 10 plus. Prices range from off season to 
peak season accommodation; check the resort you're staying with to 
confirm costs.

After all, its about having "Fun in Vegas", an oasis in the middle of the 

Nevada desert. 

Join Us 

Come join us - Vegas Reviews :

A social interactive fun spot for all those who love going to Vegas. 

Our community of Vegas Lovers enjoy sharing their experiences, the fun, 
parties, gambling and excitement in Vegas. It's also a great spot for 
beginners or newcomers into the Vegas scene. With our social blog we 
share our experiences and tips within the mega Vegas Resorts along the 

And the best part of it all, we're not a company ; so you don't have to worry. 

Any Vegas companies we may share, is only for information purposes 

comprising from entertainment, room discounts, bottle service for clubs or 
pool parties, great restaurants and sightseeing tours. In short, we don't 
profit from sharing their business opportunities. 

Are You a Vegas Business? 

If you would like to join in and share your business expertise with Vegas 
Reviews, just message us on our Facebook page. We would love to form a 
corresponding relationship which will benefit our followers with great 
discounts and fun parties for all. 

Life can be stressful. 

So when in Vegas we just want the "Fun in Vegas" providing great service, 

the best entertainment, inspiring rooms and awesome food experiences; 
leaving us with the best memories until we return to Sin City once again. 

You might even call us a small club of "Vegas-Goers" socializing on 

Facebook waiting for our next "Vegas Fix". We even encourage Vegas 
Resorts to share with us their "group rates". The bigger the group is, the 
better the discounts. So join in on the fun with Vegas Reviews.

The Mega Resort Corporations of Vegas

Maybe the big corporations, like The Wynn & Encore, the MGM and 

Caesars Properties will take notice and offer "Social Group Rates on 
Facebook Pages" encouraging us "Vegas Lovers" to keep coming back.

We already know about the "player club" card offers, including the social 

and emails. 

We may not be considered "High Rollers" but we do spend our hard earn 
money into the Vegas economy. Maybe social groups higher than 500 
followers can receive that extra special offer. 

Or something like frequent flyers programs. Something above the other 

card offers.

For example: 

You're presented with a "social card" named "Vegas Goers". With this card 
you automatically receive items, such as:

  • Express Line passes
  • $2.99 steak and eggs after midnight
  • 2 - 3 nights free 
  • 20% off Entertainment
  • An exclusive meeting with the "Hotel Resorts President" 
  • One free buffet 
  • Have the President of the Resort say "hi" on your Facebook Vegas Social Page. 

Little gestures to fuel the excitement of visiting Vegas.

The above are just suggestions, talking about...

Customer / Vegas Fan Suggestions? 

Please give your constructive suggestion you would like to see, to make 

you want to come back to Vegas. It's an open book sort of speak.

As always, please keep comments "nice" and friendly. After all - Vegas is 

about "Fun in Vegas".

And last - join in on the Fun!

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