Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why I enjoy MyVegas App

My Las Vegas article this week is all about, 'Why I enjoy MyVegas App'.  

So - What's so impressive about MyVegas

MyVegas is an app by Play Studios, that allows you to collect loyalty points for FREE rewards.  I like to refer the loyalty points as 'Gold Coins'.  The more gold coins you collect, the hundreds of REAL REWARDS to choose from.   

MyVegas has two apps, 'MyVegas Blackjack' and 'MyVegas Slots'. 

Originally MGM properties teamed up with Play Studios, founded by CEO President Andrew Pascal (who use to work for Wynn Resorts) and Chief Operating Officer Paul Mathews.  Since then, Andrew's team and partners has grown substantially to an oasis of rewards. MGM is still a big partner, showcasing all their properties, but it doesn't stop there.

The partners are growing at a steady rate, sure to be of great value to us Vegas Lovers.

Sure, there are other Vegas apps, but I have yet to see one so well organized as MyVegas.  Play Studios has done an excellent job attracting tourists to Vegas by collecting some awesome rewards.

The Partners : 

All the MGM Properties (Mirage, Aria Resort, Vdara, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio Las Vegas, New York, New York, Las Vegas, MGM Resort, Excalibur, Luxor and Monte Carlo, Las Vegas). 

Including, Station Casinos, such as : Red Rock Resort, Green Valley Ranch Resort and Palace Station.

Circus Circus, Las Vegas Wolf Gang Pucks Restaurants, Las Vegas Mono-rail, Cirque du Soleil, Royal Caribbean International, Golden Strike (MGM) and so many more.  

I'm loving to see that Maverick Helicopters has just partnered up to. The partners list is growing and growing with awesome rewards, you can all get for FREE. 

Example of Rewards: 

Resort Buffets for Two or Buffets for One with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

An assortment of entertainment from Cirque du Soleil to Chris Angel, Believe, including the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas and the list goes on.

Free room options from 1- 3 nights

A fine selection of restaurants offering meals from appetizers to main courses.

Maverick Helicopters tours through MyVegas Blackjack. 

As a matter of fact MyVegas Blackjack, also showcases a bunch of new partners, such as :  Allegiant Airlines, The House of Blues, The Smith Center and Hexx Kitchen and Bar, Las Vegas.  

Seriously, the list goes on! 

It's a no-brainer to play for free and collect your rewards before you leave for Las Vegas.  

The only limitation in collecting your rewards? 

Each person is only allowed to use 3 rewards during their stay in Vegas.  So, my wife and I collect three each, giving a grand total of 6 rewards.  We use a good portion for buffets and entertainment, plus my wife likes to use one as a casino credit.  So, it's important you play separately and each person register at the Vegas Resort you plan to stay at.  

Once you book your flight and room to Vegas, that's the time to get your REWARDS.  Once you're settled in your Vegas Resort, head down to the MLife Players Club.  

Here you get confirmation of your rewards. 

Now, depending who you talk to, I have found that you can verify all the rewards at once, during your stay at the Vegas Resort. The reason I'm saying this, is because our first visit to MyLife Players Club counter at Aria Resort and Casino, the girl told us we were only able to cash one at a time.  The next day, the girl serving us, said that was NOT the case at all.  The second server was nice, professional and not at all like the first server. 

So, you see, like anything, it depends on the service you get. 

Seriously, all we want is to enjoy our stay and keep far away from the politics and any bad service.  In general, we DO receive excellent service from the countless professional staff, bartenders, maids, restaurant servers, chefs, front desk servers, outside greeters to chauffeurs.  

Talking about service

Actually, on my first day to Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, I had a fine chat with the friendly bartender at the Lobby Bar, while I waited for my wife to spend her time at the penny slots.  It wasn't busy, (a nice summer day) and I was curious to try their in-stock signature beer, Cabaletta – ARIA’s own craft beer.    ( Check out the Taste of Aria too.)

The beer was delicious! 

The bartender served ( sorry, I forgot his name ) the Cabaletta in a tall frosty glass, prefect for the summer day.  The pilsner beer was refreshing and light.  

It wasn't long before I just had to have two! 

What made my experience more pleasing was the courtesy bartender, wondering how I enjoyed my drink and the small talk about where I'm from, including his experiences in Vegas.  He spent that extra time to make my stay enjoyable.  He didn't have to.  Most bartenders serve and go off doing something else.  Usually, bartenders I meet, quickly get your drink and they're gone.  Some have even snapped at me.  So, you see, I was impressed by his professionalism.  I felt comfortable and at home, talking about my beloved Seattle Seahawks or whatever.  It didn't matter the topic, he seemed interested.  

And that's the key. Making your guest feel at home.

Anyway, off topic a little.  The MyVegas App by Play Studios is sure a winner, and next time your in Vegas, enjoy these awesome free rewards.  

Of course, we all hope to see you in the casino, yelling," Winner!  Winner! Chicken Dinner! " The next time you win big in Vegas, let us know at Vegas Reviews

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