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Enjoying Vegas in Baby Steps

Jumping off the plane at the McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas Nevada you are excited to spend you days and nights in fun filled Las Vegas. But since this is your first time you have no idea what’s in store for you.

The Vegas Strip :

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First Impression

Your first impression along the Vegas Strip takes you back, overwhelmed by the awe inspiring billion dollar Vegas Resorts towering above and with each property extending a good eight blocks. You crank your neck looking above at these massive giants realizing why they cost billions of dollars.
The shuttle finally arrives at your destination; your first pick just happens to be T.I. (Treasure Island Hotel & Casino). You tip the driver a couple of dollars and head into the themed resort following along with everyone else to stand in-line ready to check-in.  You’re surprised how quick the line is going and before you know it, you’re greeted by a smiling front desk clerk asking for your name, drivers license (mandatory in the State of Nevada – before you go be sure your driver’s license is updated and hasn’t expired. You must be 21 years or older).
Within seconds the clerk asks you if you would like to up-grade and your response this time is no, just because it’s your first time in. (It’s a good idea to up-grade – but be sure you understand the extra costs and what you can afford it)

Baby Steps

  1.     After you check in – head over to your resorts Player Card Desk. Each Corporation has their own Player’s Card.
  2. Make the most of gambling at the hotels that honor your Player’s Card. (Hint: The more you play – food purchases & entertainment signed to your room may become free)
  3.   Sign your food and entertainment purchases at your hotel. Do most of your meals at the hotel where you’re staying.
  4.  Going to a Show? Try to see a show that’s in your Vegas Resort and sign it to your room
  5.  Don’t try to see all of Vegas at once. Vegas can be overwhelming – if you’re on the South end – try to explore more of the South end. For Example: Let’s say you’re staying at Luxor Hotel and Casino – Check out Excalibur, Mandalay Bay Resort, MGM Grand, New York New York, Monte Carlo Resorts and City Center. You will spend enough of your valuable time just checking out these Las Vegas Properties.  
  6. If you want to spend one day on the North side of Las Vegas – just plan ahead – realize it will take you most of your day. Simply because there is so much to see.
  7. Make a point of checking out the pools; not only is it relaxing, but it gives you time to think out your day. Be sure to arrive early, around 8:00 – 8:30 am should give you enough time to save your lounger. If you want to go have breakfast, set down your hat or some article you won’t care if it’s gone when you come back. Or check out the poolside restaurants. But always be sure to save your lounger.
  8. For Transportation – Use the deuce bus system or the Las Vegas Monorail system.
  9. Only gamble what you can afford – Before heading to Vegas always have a budget planned ahead. Set aside an amount of money you will spend on gambling each day you are there. For example: Let’s say you set aside $300 per day just for gambling. Spread out your gambling for the whole day. Don’t spend it all at once. If you’re winning, think of that as entertainment money. Always cash out while you’re ahead and never get greedy. Take a break from the gambling – go have something to eat. Never expect to win and always expect you will lose your gambling money; think of it as a form of entertainment. With these small simply rules, you won’t leave Vegas disappointed.
  10.  The last suggestion is: Your first time down to Vegas go for just 3-4 days and then expand your days the more experienced you become. Always plan your trip ahead and never make any rash on-the-spot decisions. Plan to come back more than once. Make it one of your yearly holiday destinations.

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Las Vegas is a fun-filled city of entertainment and taking baby steps you won’t leave Vegas disappointed. Take Vegas in Baby Steps will make your time the most enjoyable holiday where you can’t wait to go back again.

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