Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fun Vegas Facts

Looking down 27th Floor of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas 
Fun Vegas Facts: 
  • Casino was first licensed in 1931
  • Number of slot machines in the city 197,144
  • 36.7 million vistors per year visit Las Vegas
  • 87 Percent of visitors who end up gambling during their stay
  • Annual state gaming revenue, in billions of dollars 9
  • Percent of Nevada's general fund fed by gaming-tax revenue 43
  • Average cost for primeland is over Eleven million dollars for one acre of land on the Strip
  • Number of hotel rooms 124,270
  • Daily number of pillowcases washed at MGM Grand is around 15,000
  • Average nightly room rate with fees or without fees both range around $80 - 130 per night
  • Length of stay is 3 to 4 nights
  • Average number of nights for experienced visitors is 5 - 7 days.
  • The conventions hosts 3749 per year Number of Vegas wedding average around 350 per day.
  • Vegas golf courses range around 37
  • 15,000  miles of lighted neon tubing on the Strip ( if it were placed in a single line)
  • Cost of Nevada marriage license, in dollars 35
  • The most profitable casino is the Venetian - due to the fact that they make more with their China base Casino then on the strip
The Venetian Las Vegas

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